Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ελληνικά, ιαπωνικά, ένα πρόσωπο, μία φυλή

My Partner-in-Crime is in Greece....Rhodes Island to be exact. I have "a thing" for Greece. I have never been there - I cannot even read Greek except βαψ. The closest personal encounter with anything "Greek" for me is to go to Opa! in Las Vegas and do those "swirling" Greek traditional dance, drinking some Greek red wine I cannot prounce.

But I do have this itch for Greece ever since I saw Mediterraeo over 15 year ago. I can't explain what or why - I just love to watch this movie - ALONE (yes, it is very important that I watch this ALONE!). I even bought a region-free, PAL compatible DVD player so that I can buy the DVD from U.K. and watch it on this side of the Pond.

The story is set in Greece (in Megisti Island to be exact...) -but in Italian - which makes it even more pleasant to listen to (though I don't understand Italian at all....). I know I won't survive a week on a remote island like Megisti - where there is no Sushi - no English - forget Japanese. I doubt very much they have high-speed internet access. I know for sure, there is not Lanvin. I know people are probably very "traditional" (=even chauvenistic?!) and I will forever be a foreigner there. But then, there still lives a very optimistic (or stupidly naive) "moi" - longing to move there - yes not just to visit - but to move. Same sort of itch I have for France- to move to a village where you walk to your village boulangerie and butcher shop every morning for your baguettes and carne...

Someday- I will be there..... sell everything I have here and move to a sunny Greek island (tiny one) where I fish my own food out of the sea and make my own sushi.... my skin getting all tanned and leathered from sunshine......


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