Monday, June 15, 2009

An Apple a day will keep your retirement away.....

I am feeling betrayed and used. How can Apple do this to us??!! It's not even been 11 months since they came out with iPhone 3G. Now it's iPhone 3G S... and I have to pay $200 extra per phone if I want it on 6/19/09. That is WRONG!

Just when I was moping around on this injustice ... I also noticed that Apple made new MacBook Air - for less $$ than my MacBook Air from Feb 2008 (when I had to sacrifice the emerald green Lanvin shift dress to get the Air...) - cheaper, faster with bigger hard-drive. That is WRONG!

So I decided go to my local Apple store to protest. I just forgot one fine detail - the fact that this is my another "drug" store ... Yet another mistake. My stern stomping soon change to a yet-another happy skipping, where your common senses will be completely disabled... you are hypnotized.... "Mac.... Pretty.... for Smart People.... ". Before I knew what I was doing, I was back in my car with new MacBook Pro, and pre-ordered new iPhone 3G S (with $200 premium for 'early' upgrade...).

I guess I, again, have to say "no" to Lanvin blue/black leopard dress.....

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