Friday, March 21, 2008

Shame on me....

Beside my fashion weakness.... I have my Techy Gadget Weakness.  I am known to go to the other side of the Atlantic, looking for Uber cellphones.   When Sony came out with tiny handheld Vaio PC, I had to get it.   When iPhone came out, I procured mine that weekend.  

So it is no surprise that I have been salivating over MacBook Air... since it first came out.  So much so that I cut my time at the Bergdorf... going across the 5th Avenue to play with one of those thin, slick machines... among the hardcore geeks.

Well - The Search is Over.  I have succumbed.  I said "no" to the-drop-dead-beautiful emerald green silk Lanvin dress.... and yes to MacBook Air.....  It's Easter - lent is over... the Spring has come!

Nobody with an once of fashion sense will settle with those PC laptop/notebooks.  They are plain ugly.... even Sony Vaio looks flat boring sitting next to.... MacBook Air.   Can you imagine one of those ugly Dell laptop emerging out of a lilac ostrich birkin?!  No way.

Now that I think..... Apple, Lanvin, and Hermes are very similar in a way... Beautifully made products that are pieces of art.  So I must buy their "art" just as some people donate $ to museums and ballet companies....

Now I feel better about my weakness.

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