Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas....

I just had my weekend in Vegas - thought it would be good for me to be surrounded by endless retailers - I wanted to check out Palazzo and Barneys New York. More than that, I needed to see my friends.. The Vegas Shopper, Westcoast Fashionista, and Chrome Hearts Queen, the Vice Guy... and Hermes Hombre and his wife Jockin' Jill.

I knew something was odd even before we landed Vegas. Every single flight to Vegas I have taken in the last 7 years was a loud party - people were ready to gamble and they were intoxicated even before they boarded their planes. This time, I thought I was going down to attend Bar Association's Estate Planning conference. I actually slept on my way to Vegas.

When I stepped into the Vegas Airport terminal - again, I thought I arrived at St. Paul/Minneapolis.... no blinging lights.... no chiming of slot machines. Very serene for once.

As we checked in our hotel - again, for Friday.... the Casino looked very empty. Oh well, that's ok - I never gamble anyway, and I come to Vegas to see my friends, to shop and to dine. In less than two days, we strolled through Bellagio's Via Bellagio, Caesar's Forum Shops, Venetian's new Palazzo. I noticed... over and over, I see same stores with bored employees... and same porn-chic girls all dressed the same - cookie-cutter outfits - made to look like strippers - strolling along British tourists which added a nice pseudo-sophistication to the mega pseudo-city.

We used to say, if the girls' skirts hemline gets shorter, that means we are in recession? Even on holidays, I could not help myself quickly doing some cost accounting.... why do Bally, Ferragamo, Coach and all have to have 5 stores within 1/2 mile radius? Let alone.... mostly empty? Did you hear Louis Vuitton will open 30,000 sqr food store in City Center? That's their 3rd within 5 blocks! Like Westcoast Fashionista says... it's testosterone-driven craziness! I hope the retailers are thinking of 20 years ahead to break-even in Vegas... no way you make money - or if they actually make any profit in Vegas now or soon, that proves that we the shoppers are simply dumb...

which put me back on the porn-chic young women we encountered in Vegas.... Barneys New York should hold some seminar for them and give out Simon Doonan's new book Eccentric Glamour..... I read it, feeling.... I am not alone!..... (Blond-Ambition Partner-in Crime knows beside Tory Burch, I had Rachel Zoe passionately!)

No I did not buy anything from Hermes... I did not buy anything Lanvin..... but I made my Am Ex scream while at Chrome Hearts! .... now that's Socialite mixing with Existentialist!

Perhaps, I should attend that Estate Planning Conference in July......

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