Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Book Repot - first ever!

Since I returned from my Vegas trip, I have been enjoying my slower work schedule. I have been attending a various seminars required by the Bar….. which means I have been spending good chunk of my daytime reading a few fun books.

The Vegas Shopper detest this – but I read Michael Tonello’s “Bringing Home a Birkin” – in one day. Now that’s a Christmas miracle – for an immigrant to read a 272 page book in one day! I actually pre-ordered a few copies – one for me, and one for my Partner-in-Crime. On the day the book was to come out, I took a day off and stayed home until the postman showed up. (I knew that Amazon will deliver them to me on the date of publishing…. just like they did with Harry Potter books). Afterall, the book has been labeled "Birkin Expose" by the New York Post.... that's Major!

Here’s my confession….. Michael did secure some very hard-to-find limited Hermes scarves for me. One time, I begged him to go to Belgium to attend a charity fund raising so that he will be able to buy this one special design Hermes scarf. About 4 years ago, I had a dream of crocodile Birkin hopping outside of my front porch, “talking” to me why I did not take her home with me (after I actually rejected a crocodile Birkin from Hermes in New York). Who cured my remorse? Michael! He got me a crocodile Birkin from Zurich and sent to my hotel in Paris while I was there. I sent him Peet’s Coffee and he sent me my “drugs”.

After the book came out, I heard that some people were planning to protest outside the Hermes stores (for what? I don’t know…). I wonder if Hermes will be inundated with people coming to the store asking…. “I know you are hiding some Birkins in the back!! I demand to see a few or I will make a big scene out here!!”

Well, it’s good that Hermes stores have security guards! They are standing at the doors, not just to block Oprah’s entry into the store….but they are there to protect MY Bags hiding in the back for just in case I decide to call or pop in!

That reminds me….what should I do to reward myself for working 60 hours/week for the last three months……

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