Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shopping Euphoria is coming…

Yes, it’s May. It’s nothing but the beginning of Sale season in Fashion industry! First 40% off… then 60-75% off…. It’s high adrenaline time. A few of my friend actually fly to New York to catch Barney’s 60%+ off sales. That fabulous $6,000 Lanvin dress you salivated – will be $2,400 – Those fabulous $890 Christian Louboutin platforms will be $250! Purchases are done on “best discount deal” basis – NEVER on “Do-I-Need-This” basis.

Guys who love to watch women’s wrestling – should come to see the women’s couture sales. Better yet, forget watching Super Bowl and come to Mario’s in Seattle. Stakes are just as high at Mario’s as twice-a-year SOLDES at Hermes in Paris. People line up at the wee-hours in the morning on freezing February morning outside the store – kicking the homeless out of his comfortable bed. Soon the street is filled with estrogen cheers… counting down for the opening. When the doors open… it is scary! Imagine those ants swarming around, aiming into the one ant hole…. Wild buffaloes and mustangs stampedes.......That’s how it is at the Mario’s Super Bowl Sale…. Women will run, knock any weak and feeble down to the floor – any mannequins on the way will be knocked down… they are aiming to the upstairs women’s floor… RUNNING.

Well…. Here’s my confession…. I was one of them… I got to the store first, parked my car right in front of the store. I successfully kicked the homeless out of the doorway area so that I could set up my camping chair out and get comfortable…and cozy in my floor-length mink coat. I even bought AND wore a pair of Uggs for this occasion. When the store opened, I ran like I used to when I was 12 and I lost my daughter in this huge crowed for a while. Luckily, my daughter had much better sense than I did – and stayed out of the Herd.

Ahh…I need to book my JetBlue!

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